Saturday, October 24, 2009

Basil Meets Lily

Basil made a new friend today. Lily, the chihuahua. Lily is Bo's cousin (not by blood) and the daughter of Spartan who lives across the street. Basil and Spartan haven't met yet. She was the perfect companion. She was very active and got Basil running around, but as a chihuahua she had a big enough ego to take his chasing. She kept egging him on and he kept chasing her.

The beautiful coi pond. Here is Basil, Lily and Bo.

Bo finally began warming up to Basil. By the end of the play date, she began sniffing him and that's the closest she's ever gotten up to another new dog before.

Basil had a long day. This morning he ran around with Carmel.

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