Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Yawwwnnn I was so busy this weekend that I'm just beginning to recover now. Mom and dad took me to a lot of places last weekend. It was fun, but next time I might stay home. I appreciate the thought, but I'd rather lay at home in the AIR CONDITIONING.

On Friday night, we all went to HAPPY HOUR at El Camino in Northern Liberty (Philadelphia). It's full of dog friendly restaurants and shops (as it should be). The waitress brought me out a dog bowl with cold water and mom brought treats along. She was pinching pennies by making me eat dinner at home before we went out. hmph

I dragged mom to some shops and sniffed all around. There were so many smells that I was just so excited! Check out this sign. I want mom to buy it for my crate.

Of course I was really pupular. Now that I'm a mature 2 years old, the young pups luv me. This little pup is only 4 months old and she was all over me. She got all gussied up just for me with her rhinestone hair pin.

Check him out! He's like a skinnier, taller, less cute version of me! We sniffed eachother and jumped around a bit.
The night ended well. As mom and dad had margaritas and chips, I chilled out under the table on my dog bed. People passing by would stop and pet me. A couple of little kids came up and hugged me.
On Saturday, mom and dad took me to car show and BBQ. It was sooooooooo HOT! Mom was fussing over me like crazy, but I was just fine!
I checked out some old school cars, ate some hot dogs some human kids dropped, drank ice water and got lots of pets and praises.

Mom totally embarrassed me in front of everyone by putting an ice pack on me made of an empty hamburger bun bag! Thank a lot mom. Now, none of the girls are going to want me.
We went home and I passed out (figuratively) on the cool kitchen floor. I slept for hours!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Homer

I am so mad at mom! She's been so busy lately that she dropped the ball in looking for a brother or sister for me. Guess what happened? She checked FBRN recently and saw the perfect dog for my brother! His name is Homer and based on his description, he's the perfect companion to join our family. There's a "pending" banner over his application already. HMPH!

Oh well. I'm sure he'll find a wonderful home as I did and there are LOTS MORE frogs needing homes. Even if you're not sure if you're ready for a frog to join your pond, you can donate to help those who are in hospice or foster homes.

Basil is digging

Basil's mom here.

We noticed a hole next to the gate of our fence at the front of the house. Basil is smart for sure. He knows now that the gate leads to the outside world. He used to be satisfied being let out into the back yard. Although we do let him out often and take him almost everywhere, we think he's finally put two and two together. Beyond that gate is car rides, the neighbor's, the neighbor's dogs, and kids who drop lots of foodables. The hole is getting a little bigger each day. He's only doing that when we let him out to potty or when I garden. I wonder if he's making the hole to "get out" if it's the vole we had in that spot that he smells. Frenchies aren't known to be diggers, so I'm curious as to why he's doing this.

Any insight? Part of me feels guilty - as though he's missing something in his life that he wants to get out to go to.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Basil Talks

Cats: Yes!

When Basil was in his foster home, he was not tested with cats, so for the time being FBRN said "No" for the Cat category. Since then I was always curious and wanted to introduce Basil to cats. We've been to Pet Smart and he seemed really curious about them. We brought him over to my friend Stephanie's house where she has 3 cats. Basil was so delighted!!! He LOVED THEM! I think he thinks that the cats are just other dogs like him. They are as big as him too. The funny thing is that he sniffs their behind and cats just don't understand that. Basil chased the cats and they "played" with him. Basil would bark at the cats when they got up on the counter. I think he was wondering "hey why do you get to go on the counter?"

I'm hiding up here on the kitchen counter.

Look at that hiney! Basil is ready to play!

Hi! Nice to meet you! What are you???

Verdict says: it's a YES for cats!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I had a blast at my pawtay!

I had the time of my life last night at my birfday pawtay! So many of my friends showed up and so many new friends! I can't wait to play with them again. We had birfday cake, treats, toys, and lots of running around. My mom and dad took lots of video and photos which they are uploading now to my site, so stay tuned!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

23 months and 3 weeks!

My 2 year old birthday is coming up soon. I feel different already. What do you think? Do I look older? Wiser?

How about like this?

Or like this?

I don't like the sound of paper

Mommy is always making to-do lists, reading magazines, and doodling landscape designs. Just as I am enjoying a nice nap, she turns the page on her crisp, fibrous paper and wakes me up. I bark because I think there is an intruder, but NO. It's just my mom being a mom.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Basil is back!

Hi all! I'm back from vacation! Did you all miss me? It was Memorial Day weekend and we all decided to take a family vacation. I'll do a few recaps at a time since I'm still pretty tired from the ride. There's just something about eating, sleeping and more eating that wears a dog out.

So mom and dad decided to drive to Montreal. First we had to go through NY State which was beautiful. I LOVE NY!

The Adirondack's are beautiful. The weather is so nice and cool.

I didn't want to say anything, but I would have prefered to fly, but mom and dad said they are "saving". I don't know for what. I'm not that high maintenance.

Here we are in the Hudson Valley. George Washington fought here. He must have been fighting the French. booooo

This was just the beginning of our trip...
To be continued...