Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boys daily musings

Guinness making himself cozy on the daybed. He seems to like mom's ugly doll.

Basil enjoying his key chew.

Friday, July 22, 2011

All About Guinness

Readers must think I don't love Guinness as much just because he doesn't get a lot of blog time, but we do love Guinness very much. He's just so good and gives us so few problems (health and behavior) that we never have much to write about. But here's a post devoted to our little man Guinness.

In the car, Guinness likes to face forward and keep a look-out for daddy.

We took him with us to Connecticut and stayed at a dog-friendly B&B called the Mary Stuart House. They were so accommodating and there were no extra fees for our furbabies.

He loves car rides and can just leap into a car or SUV without any help. Here he is testing out a borrowed truck.

He loves to snuggle and bury his face when he sleeps. I can imagine him doing this when he was a puppy snuggled up his birth mother.

He doesn't even mind it when I sneak up on him and shine a camera in his face.

He's our Guinness and we lub him! Recently, Guinness has gotten more attached to me. He never used to lay with me but chooses daddy. Maybe it's because Basil claimed me. But now I'm concentrating on showing Guinness a little more affection and he seems to like it and chooses to lay with me instead of daddy sometimes.

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