Friday, April 29, 2011


Mom and dad told us that we will always be their babies, but we is growin' up now and we don't need to be their babies no more. Guinness and I discussed it and we told them it's okay if they want to go to FBRN and apply for another baby. They must have misunderstood because they came back with no dog and moms been hanging out in the bathroom a lot. Is that where babies come from? Because we came from a place called Flooooreeedaa.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The boys have come along way. Here they are sharing a cheesy hamburgery plate.

I'm not sure they would be this nice if it was tuna or a real piece of steak.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

House Guest Chewie

Dis is moms furiends dog. He came to stay wif us but he don't wanna play wif us. Why? Is we not rough enough? Not snorty enough?

At furst we tinks he was a new stuffy dat mom n dad brought us to pay wif and tear up. We tinks it was a new moving robot stuffy wif mind uf its own!

But he just wuns away and hides.

We tasted his food and it's purty good I tell ya. Even tasted good the second time around. ;)

If we iz in da same woom wif him, he is always behind da chair.

Mom put him on the sofa next to her cuddles from her granma. Not fair! She says we can't lay on her cuddles bc we stink but she let him!

We taut we were makin progress but Chewie wan away again.

Den he finally chilled out wif us and we booted mom off da sofa.

He tried to molest Basil in his sleep! What a freak! Iz always da quiet ones ya gotta watch out fer. BOL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Basil and Guinness are such punks. We're dog sitting our Pom friend Chewie this weekend and his mom brought him over for a meet n greet. The boys were okay with him but he's shy and doesn't play with dogs. He likes humans a lot better. Basil loves to tease dogs who don't like to play. Guinness joined in on it. Both boys ganged up on Chewie at one point and held him down! ahahahahaha They weren't hurting him or biting him...they just held him down and he wasn't havin' it. Basil held him down while Guinness jumped on his back.

You boys are punks!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011