Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smartest Dog Ever!

Basil is the smartest dog in the whole wide world! (At least in my eyes)

Today we were playing with his toy (that FBRN foster mom Joan gave him). He really loves this toy and it's the only thing that's held up in all these months. Every other toy (including his nylabones) we've been tossing out every so often.

I throw this toy and he fetches it and brings it back to me. We play tug of war and I throw it again and he retrieves it again. We went outside with it and did it outside. He got distracted and left it on the deck while he went to go sniff around in the yard. When it was time to go inside the house, I told him "Basil, go get your toy". He got it but then dropped it again before going into the house. I asked him again, "Basil, go get your toy and bring it inside". I think he knows the word "inside". He went back out, picked up his toy and brought it back inside and dropped it on the floor inside.

He's so smart!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!

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