Sunday, March 14, 2010

Basil 21 Months

We've noticed some physical changes with Basil. His face has really rounded out and matured. His shoulders and chest have really bulked up into that bully figure. Since he's nearing the 2 year mark we should start to feed him a tiny more. I weighed him and he weighed 23 lbs so he's lost a little. So that confirms that we should be feeding him more to keep it around 25 lbs. He gets fish and fruit regularly. He is even stronger now in our opinion. When we play he pushes harder and he feels heavier. He jumps and runs through the house like a bull. He's had no accidents in the house! What a good boy! He's been itchy free with NO HOT SPOTS! Not a single one! That could change with the weather so we'll see.

We still love him and he still loves us.

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