Saturday, November 28, 2009

English vs French

On today's episode of Iron Dog, we have American vs French bulldog. It's an exciting crowd here in Family Room Stadium. Lots of beer, chocolate chip cookies and a new flat screen tv with surround sound.

Introoooooduuuuucing, challenger American bulldog Dover Piratsky! 4 year old, white, male.

Dover Piratsky, it's an exciting weekend here in family room stadium. What do you have to say to the current Iron Dog holder; french bull dog Basil Brown?

ARF! Well, I think American bull dogs are better. The french are stuck up with their punched in noses and they have small qui quis. Their bat ears are pompous in my opinion. They say "Aye, look at moi. I em so cute cuz I em frrrench." I may have allergies too, but as an American, I'm taller, bigger and I still have my tail.

Those are strong words from American bull dog Dover. We will see if he can live up to the challenge.

Challengers. You have one hour. Play!

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