Friday, December 4, 2009

18 months

Here is Basil's 18 month photo:

Our little boy is growing up. (sniff sniff) He's very healthy now. He's alert, playful, strong, energetic and still a good listener. His thighs have definitely grown more muscular. Looks like a pork chop. All his hair has grown back. He's still smart and very clever. He rings the bell when he wants a treat even if he does not have to go potty. Nice try buddy! He knows his name very well. He knows "heel" when we take walks. We went to the park and he stopped at the end of every block when I told him to stop and stay. In the mornings, he runs to all the bedrooms to check on us before he goes out to potty. He lays with us. He knows his toys. He kicks his ball and tosses his bone in the air! Pretty soon he will be learning the alphabet.

A few things we want to work on:
  • learn commands to not bark at people when in the car.
  • Heel more (to keep him from sniffing just anyone).
  • I've been listening to Cesar Millan and how to be a pack leader. It's very insightful and I learned a few things myself.

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