Friday, May 21, 2010

Terrible Teens

Basil's mom here.

Basil is going through his terrible teens. He gave me attitude the other day that I just to tell you all about. It was so funny even though I shouldn't condone this.

See, we have a spare bedroom in the house where I keep all my pretty things including my beloved stuffed animals. Basil already snagged Ducky and tore his eye out. It still sags even though we performed reconstructive surgery on Ducky.

The other day, I put my beloved Kissing Monkeys out on the loveseat. Basil spotted it immediately and jumped up onto the loveseat and sniffed the monkeys like he was about to snag them too. He put his paws up on them and when I saw him, I told him "NO!"

He put one paw down but left the other on the monkeys, bowed his head and looked up at me like "Puuullleeease?" I said, "No!" again.

He pulled his paw down from my monkeys and THREW his head and HUFFED as though to say, "Mom never lets me have anything!"

It was so cute that I just had to laugh about it afterwards. Since then, he hasn't tried to take my Kissing Monkeys.


  1. basil sounds like such a sweet dog. i hope the rest of your stuffies stay safe!

  2. Not sure what your momma is making a big stink about Basil. All our stuffies are blind and some have been to the ER( older posts). Then mom teases us with stuffies and says NO! Silly humans
    Benny & Lily

  3. Terrible teens? Bahhhhh! I don't think that behavior goes away when they're past their teens.