Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quackers 1, Basil 0

Unsuspecting victim - Quackers Brown

Suspect #1 - Short, Brindle, and likes to snort

Oh, what is that? A stuffed duck. Haven't had duck in a while. Maybe I can reach it. ((snort snort))
Oh, no it's a dog! Stay away from my fuzzy feathers.

Gotcha! Nom nom nom
Aaaahhh, my poor beak.

I'm out. See ya suckers!
Help! He's kidnapping me!

Argh nom nom arghhh

Uh oh, I've been caught! Run for it!
Somebody save meeeeee!

Ah ha ha ha You can't catch me!

After a few short moments, Basil was caught with Quackers in the living room. Little did he know, mommy was right on his tail. Quackers was grateful that she saved his life.

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