Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DIY: Basil's Halloween Costume

We went to the store and Basil tried on several Halloween costumes for fun. We thought the dinosaur costume looked adorable on him. Even people at the store were commenting on how cute he was. I decided to sew him a costume of his own.

(At the store)

First I took some basic measurements. Basil Brown. "Perfect in every way" ~Mary Poppins

I jotted the measurements down. I thought about how I could construct the costume most easily and that would be comfortable for him.

I checked the length of the fabric on his body to get a better idea.

I started with the spikes because it was most fun. The spikes had to be prominent and not floppy like the one at the store.

3 spikes was perfect! Basil was sooo good and let me try it on him.

Then piece by piece I constructed the costume.

I added a tail, a rounded bottom and some spots.

I made a little "lip" or collar at the edge so it didn't look so flimsy. I added a little stitching to the top.

What are you doing to me, mommy?

Me testing the neck and belly bands around him before sewing on the velcro. He looks adorable!

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