Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Trick: Ring the Bell

I'm attempting to teach Basil a new trick. Friends of ours have taught their dog to ring a little Christmas bell hung from a door knob to signal when he wants to go out (instead of scratching at the door or whining). Basil has been really good, but we have a hard time telling if he needs to go or if he's just sniffing around the place. He's a smart dog so I hope he can learn this.

I started by hanging the bell and letting him get used to seeing it and hearing the sound when we "go outside".

Then whenever we take him outside, we take his paw and smack the bell with his paw and say "Ring the bell ring the bell".

He seems to be afraid of the bell right now, but we heard that's normal. Next, we'll try teaching him to ring the bell himself and give him treats. I hope this works.

Keeping my paw crossed.

Read How to Train your dog to ring a bell here on eHow.

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