Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's all fun and games until the blinds come off the window

We had a comical sitcom moment today. We couldn't make this stuff up if we wanted to. Both Basil and Guinness will grab a shoe or sock if their toy isn't around when they get REALLY excited during play. Basil rarely does this unless his toy is no where to be found and there is a sock laying next to him. We knew from Guinness' bio that he does this too.

Well, Basil and Guinness got into it today...playing that is. It was their usual afternoon ritual of giving each other the "let's go!" stare down, and then chasing and wrastling and chasing some more. In the excitement, Guinness grabbed the wooden ends to the chords of our bamboo blinds and went running full speed ahead with them proudly in his mouth. The blinds popped right off the window as Guinness dragged them!

Silly mom and dad for pulling the blinds up and leaving the strings on the floor. Fortunately, only the blinds were hurt.

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  1. Guinness is Basil blaming you for knocking the blinds down?
    Benny & Lily