Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Guess what? I might be getting a little brother soon. Keep your paws crossed.

Here's his bio from FBRN.

“Guinness is Good for You.” That’s how the billboards read on the old sod and we have to agree when it comes to our newly available brindle boy who goes by the same name.

Guinness is just a youngster and was surrendered by owners who realized they didn’t have enough time for him. He is healthy, happy, and ready to make you drunk with love.

A happy-go-lucky Frenchie to be sure, Guinness gets along like gangbusters with kids and dogs of every shape and size, and he ignores the kitty in his foster home. Why he even lives with a chinchilla and a couple of “sugar gliders.” (You got me. I’m from the North.) Let’s just say he could live with other friendly animals short of a herd of hippopotamuses.

Guinness is crate trained and housetrained and generally eager to please. He is smart and easily takes cues from the other dogs in the house. He has a lot of puppy energy still, but he is active rather than hyper and is happy to show off his goofball side. When he gets really excited he’ll grab a SHOOOOE! and bound proudly around the house with it in his mouth. Since we know you are wondering – no, he hasn’t chewed up any footwear.

Favorite activities include going for walks, playing with the other dogs, following mom when she cleans or cooks, and chewing on hooves and squeaky toys. Like many Frenchies, Guinness likes to play the first half of “fetch.”

A dog like Guinness is a dream for a rescue. He is easy going, easy on the eyes, and should fit in easily in a variety of homes. Big family, small family, house, or flat – it’s all good with Guinness as long as he gets the love and attention a young pup needs. A fenced yard would be great but not necessary if he gets good leash walks and maybe some playtime in a friendly doggy day care or dog park. Someone who is home all day is the ideal but Guinness would be fine with a midday break with a dog walker and loads of love in the evenings and weekends. He would undoubtedly ADORE going to work with his special someone, too.

Here’s what Guinness’ foster mom has to say about her young charge:
“Guinness is an absolute delight. He loves to interact with everyone in the family and enjoys sitting with us on the couch and watching t.v. For all his young energy Guinness is a big snuggler and will give lots of kisses if given the opportunity. Guinness deserves a home where his people will spend lots of time with him and make him a big part of their family. He has been shuffled around quite a bit in his young life, and he deserves a “furever” home where he will be adored and loved.”

If you have a weakness for Guinness, waste no more time. Apply today! He is currently “sleeping it off” in the western part of Florida's coast so plan on being the designated driver and picking him up in person if you are the lucky one to win his favor."


  1. Hope you get your wish, Basil! Take if from me, there's nothing greater than having one of your own kind to wrestle with every day!!

    Brutus & Carmen

  2. I'm so jealous! I wish I could have a little Bullie bro to hang out wif!