Friday, July 16, 2010

Just call me Mr. Slick

Over July 4th weekend, I spent the weekend with my cousins down at the shore. My auntie Sugar and I played a lot together that weekend. Well, mom packed my stuff and brought my favorite steak chewie which was a gift from Mr. Gibbs on my birfday. Ahh, do I love that steak! Tastes like delicious bacon.

Well, guess who else liked it? Auntie Sugar. She nabbed my steak while I was getting rubs from dad. I didn't first.

I watched as she chewed on my delicious steak. I can only imagine the bacon flavored slober going down her throat instead of mine.

Gently I nudged "May I I I have it .... back .... puleease?" I didn't mean to look like a wimp or anything, but I really love that steak and I was afraid she would eat it all. I nuzzled and sniffed and kissed her on the head.

She nuzzled my face back and just like a woman she wanted just one more chew out of it before...


1 comment:

  1. Good job! Thank you for the instructions on how to get stuff back.
    Benny & Lily