Monday, July 19, 2010

Basil 25 Month Update

Basil weighs 25.6 lbs, so he's 1.1 lbs over his average. It's probably because he doesn't get as much exercise as usual since it's been so hot outside. We play with him in the house every evening trying to get him to run back and forth. I take every opportunity to walk him at night if it's not too hot.

At his last vet checkup, the vet says he's doing great and there is nothing else we can do better. Knock on wood - he hasn't had any rashes or itchie break outs in 10 months. Only recently, he's been itching his groin area rubbing his belly against the carpet. That's the most itchy that I have seen him in all this time. It's probably the heat and the crunchy grass outside. We still bathe him once a week and that seems to help most. We don't want to give him allergy medicine.

He's still doesn't love the bath or any water (even the rain). But he's very good in the bathtub and after a bath he's so happy and plays and plays. Basil's auntie Sugar loves the baby pool so I hope to get them together and have Sugar teach Basil that the cool water in a baby pool on a summer day can be a wonderful thing.

We're still scared to cut his nails (for fear of cutting too deep since his nails are so black), so we bring him to the vet almost every month. It's one thing or another. His ears get pretty dirty. We clean them often but I also read you're not supposed to clean them more than 3 times a week. Do all frenchies get such dirty ears?

Latest: It's been a while since I have taught Basil anything really new. He knows "mommy" and "daddy". If Keith asks him, "Do you want to go pick up mommy?" he runs to the door and then to the car. If I ask Basil, "Where is daddy?" he looks around and runs to Keith's office. I'm taking a class at night in Center City Philadelphia and Keith brings Basil to pick me up at night. Basil is so fascinated by the lights of the city.

Things to work on: Basil learned barking at the door from his cousin. It's gotten worse and worse. He never used to care about the door. Then it became a jump and a bark. Now it's getting to be this more ferocious sounding bark and he's fixated on the person on the other side of the door. I watched Cesar Millan's tips. One week soon we're going to take turns knocking on the door and nipping that one in the bud.

Also, if it's not too hot I'm going to bring Basil to the local softball games in our neighborhood. I think it's another great to get him socialized to a crowd. I consider him to be very well socialized but I think a crowd does overwhelm him and he starts getting barky. I just want to make sure he's socialized and not being anxious. If he's obviously overwhelmed, I'll take him home.

Look at that attitude

He's gettin' fresh now that he's a teenager.

But he's still mommy's little boy!

Some of my favorite moments is when Basil falls asleep in my arms.

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  1. Willis (our Frenchie) used to have the most disgusting ears. His ears are like big sails that catch everything.

    We got ear cleaner from the vet and use a small syringe to squirt into the ear. He hates it but it is the easiest way to do it. We also use a q-tip BUT only on the parts we can see cause you do not want to go down too far.
    Hope that helps
    Jessie from Edmonton Canada