Friday, April 9, 2010

Yo-Yo Poop

It's the latest craze! It's easy to make, free, and fun for the whole family!

First. Eat some of mommy's long hair.

Then eat your dinner.

Wait an hour.

When you're ready to make your yo yo, go outside and sniff around the fence.

Get your poopy stance ready and PUSHHH!

If you did it right, the poop will end up on the end of the hair and the other end will still be clenched by your fatty butt cheeks.

Now, to play with your yo yo just run in circles and swing it around and around using your cute behind!


  1. Bahhhh! That's a great game Basil! I have a similar version. I don't use mommy's hair, I use the long wispy ground covering that I'm slowly destroying. Does your mom chase you around with a kleenex or poop bag so she can pull it out? Or better yet... do you wait for it to come the rest of the way out and eat it? Yummmm.

    Frenchie poopie kisses,

  2. Hi new friend. Holy crap, I had a yo yo a little while ago!! We have a lot in common
    Benny & Lily

  3. hi basil! i think your yo yo poop instructions are very funny. i giggled so much that my hubby wanted to know what was making me laugh. it is nice to make your aquaintance, please stop by when you have some time!

    oh...and about the second puppy issue, we have four dogs. we just added @4 last wednesday. we have pugs, they get along really well. we like having multiples, that way no one's lap gets cold.

  4. Hey there Basil! My girl Stella just told me about you - another blogging Frenchie?? YEAH! I think we could write a whole novel about my pooping escapades, definitely a Frenchie thing. I'm not a rescue myself (at least not technically, but that's a long story too...), but mom works with FBRN and we have this crazy Flat Brutus project thing we do to help raise money for them. Stop by and check it out sometime.
    So nice to Meet you. I'm off to tell mom she needs to install more mirrors....

    Brutus the Frenchie

  5. Hahaha. There's a Boston Terrier name Jimmy on twitter that calls them "chasin turdz"!

  6. Hi, Basil!
    It's nice to meet you!!!
    I have a same kind of poopy story. hehehe

    Bunta the Frenchie

  7. OK, just have to tell you we thought of you this morning. I had yo-yo poop! Mom was doubled over laughing, because it had never happened before, and now we know what to call it when it does!

    Brutus the Frenchie