Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Come and get it!

Free seedlings! Get your free seedlings!

Mommy: Basil, sit here and help mommy give away these extra tomato and pepper plants.
Basil: But I don't wannaaaa.
Mommy: Quit whining Basil. Be a good helper.
Basil: But what will I eat then when I go into your garden bed?
Mommy: What?!
Basil: eerrr I mean...nothing.
Mommy: Okay, stay here until they are all gone.
Basil: But mom, it's so embarrassing. All the other dogs will laugh at me.
Mommy: Just be yourself and everyone will love you.
Basil: That's true!


  1. No Basil seedlings? It would be so fitting... LOL

    Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Hi Basil,
    You are such a good little Frenchie to help your momma guard the free seedlings even though you didn't wanna! You a fantastic role model for all of the neighborhood doggies and pretty soon they will be on their best behavior with their moms too!
    I found your blog thru "Brutus the Frenchie" and I enjoyed reading so much that I am now a new follower! If you want to meet a lot of dogs, cats, and other creatures, please come on by and say hello!

  3. Basil, are you being asked to... W O R K? I think your parents need to reread the Frenchie handbook. W O R K is a four letter word that should never be uttered in our direction.


    BTW, I had a public Yo-Yo poop this morning. Awkward situation for mom.

  4. So nice to help your mom :) Surprised there wasn't any basil in those seedlings!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Your momma is correct 100%!!! Just be yourself. Don't change a thing. We love you just the way you are, Basil!