Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Training: How to Meet-n-Greet Politely

On Saturday, our trainer Renee came over again along with Ellie Mae and her mom! We worked on the "meet n greet" when a new dog approaches, leash walking and showed Renee how well we sit in our bed while waiting for new people to arrive at the front door.

Ellie (left), Guinness (middle), Basil (right)
Ellie wuvs to pay wif us!

Some things maw learned. When a dog furiend is coming over for a play date, put the boys on leashes and go out into the back yard. We're not allowed to jump all over the fence and get rowdy. Maw has to take the leashes and walk us far far far away from the fence and give the furiend room to come inside. Then let the leashes drag and we're allowed to go sniff and play! Sometimes we get overexcited and need to be called away and have a little break. Then we're allowed to go back to playing.

Guinness must have had a good experience with Ellie because then he had a great play date with our neighbor Carmel the lab the next day! Maw made sure she wore Carmel out a wittle first. He sniffed all throughout our yard and then we came outside. Guinness did play bows and ran around with Carmel. It was a good positive experience for him. Maw felt so proud.

Next: Maw has to do distance work with Basil while in a down/stay.


  1. Mom said we need Renee, BOL
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. Thank you for our cool ornament. You guys did a good job

  2. Good job! We've got to work on this too, but just found our own trainer so hopefully that will help. Keep up the good works!
    Bones and Treats,
    Bronson and Pepper