Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playdate with Carmel

Carmel has finally met his match in playfulness - Guinness Maximus is his name! Mom invited Carmel over to help socialize Guinness to dogs while around mom. It was a fun time!

Carmel loves the frisbee and unlike frenchies, he actually brings it back! Guinness didn't like it when Carmel would jump towards mom for the frisbee.

Here's Guinness making his point known to Carmel.

Turn your back. Just ignore him and maybe he'll stop playing with mom. Mom looks like she really wants to play though...should we honor mom with some play?

Nah, let's just go back to eating grass.

*Guinness is clearly guarding me (and anyone who gives him affection) from other dogs. He does a swat with his paws at the other dog or he'll run by and chase the other dog away. He'll jump and separate the other dog from me sending the other dog signals that say "go away". He'll even snap at the other dog. When he does, he goes to time out. I pick him up under his arms and put him in the house and shut the door separating him from the pack. Then he's allowed back out. * Any suggestions to curb this kind of behavior?

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  1. Don't you love eating grass. Oh lady that is why we have paws to swat you like kitty kats do
    Benny & Lily