Monday, January 3, 2011

In da dog house

Guinness is in so much trouble right now!

Just as things are going well, look at what he did to Basil!

Bald spot right of his ear and a cut on his ear. There may be a puncture and it seems to hurt him. I guess it's a good thing we already had a vet appointment made to look at his "raisin" which fell off by the way. It's no longer on his lip. Right after Christmas I noticed it changed shape from a raisinette to a candy corn. A couple of days later it must have burst because it was in pieces and there was hair in it. On NYE, Ellie's mom noticed it. The following morning, it was gone.

I'm so mad at your right now Guinness! After how much I defended you and worked with you!

Noises are really bothering them both right now. It's perhaps due to the fireworks from NYE.


  1. Poor babies. Mom is working on stopping Lily from biting my big ears
    Benny & Lily

  2. Poor Basil! No milk bones for Guinness today!

  3. I couldn't view the picture. But it sounds ouchie.. Get well soon Basil