Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cats: Yes!

When Basil was in his foster home, he was not tested with cats, so for the time being FBRN said "No" for the Cat category. Since then I was always curious and wanted to introduce Basil to cats. We've been to Pet Smart and he seemed really curious about them. We brought him over to my friend Stephanie's house where she has 3 cats. Basil was so delighted!!! He LOVED THEM! I think he thinks that the cats are just other dogs like him. They are as big as him too. The funny thing is that he sniffs their behind and cats just don't understand that. Basil chased the cats and they "played" with him. Basil would bark at the cats when they got up on the counter. I think he was wondering "hey why do you get to go on the counter?"

I'm hiding up here on the kitchen counter.

Look at that hiney! Basil is ready to play!

Hi! Nice to meet you! What are you???

Verdict says: it's a YES for cats!

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