Friday, January 8, 2010

New Words

I feel like one of those mom bloggers who record every new word their human rugrat learns that month. Basil has actually learned some new words.

"Treat" - You would be a fool not to learn this word. I don't encourage the use of this word just because I don't want him to go stir crazy every time he hears it, but I realized Keith has been using it every time he gives him a treat. Since I've been trying to teach him "Heel" or "Wait", it seems like "treat" works better to get him to stop and come back to me!

"Mommy" - The wonderful, the ever so patient trainer, the all nurturing, best tummy rubber, bottom wiping, tasty pear giving, face fold wiping, fish feeding, eye boogie cleaner, the goddess that is Anita.

"Daddy" - The guy who tries to make me catch a frisbe.

"Kisses" - We think he knows this. He does it when we say it.

"Toy" vs "Bone" - He knows the difference. Whichever word I use, that's the thing he brings me.

"Go for a ride?" - He loves car rides so he gets excited and goes right to the passenger side of the car. He's so smart!

"Go for a walk?" - Same with walk but he already knew "Walk".

"Wanna go pick up Mommy?" - Sometimes Keith picks me up from the train station in his car. He knows he's getting a ride out of the deal. How smart!

"Heats on!" - We're teaching him this now since he loves to lay next to the register when the heat kicks on.

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