Thursday, November 5, 2009

Basil meets Maui

Basil met his cousin Maui, the boxer! Maui is a precious 11 year old boxer and also a rescue. Named after his human's honeymoon spot. He's very mature now, but still sweet as ever. They were so cute together. Everytime one of them heard something, they would bark together. He was really excited to meet Basil and wanted him to chase him, but Basil was a little occupied as you will see...

Maui - He's got a white face now.

Maui letting Basil drink from his big mixing bowl. Basil seemed to really like it so we're thinking of elevating his bowls.

Maui got jealous when his dad was petting Basil. Maui came to check out the situation. Also, we suspect that he was abused by his previous situation because he's fearful of men. He's also VERY protective of the children which we love about him!

And then Basil found THE BONE...

He picked it up and ran off with it and was obsessed with it for the rest of the night. We couldn't pry him away from it. He was in love with it.

We told Basil that he was a good boy, maybe Santa will bring him something special this year.

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